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IT Consultation

Schoolmore is your expert IT specialists. Simply put, if there’s any sort of assistance you need regarding anything related to your institution’s information technology, you can come to us and we’ll resolve it as soon as possible!  Give us a call now at +234(815) 843-2850

Staffing and Outsourcing

Building a skilled IT department can be challenging, especially when requirements vary from project to project and skills are scarce. There is often insufficient budget to build in-house capabilities that can cope with peak periods – and retaining staff is difficult when they are in high demand. As a result, IT departments struggle with everyday activities, and are unable to tackle new, high-value projects.

We help our clients staff their ongoing IT operations, capitalize on new opportunities, and respond to unforeseen challenges. We offer flexible contracting arrangements, from occasional assistance with minor projects through to complete multi-year outsourcing services. We can either deliver standalone projects or augment your existing IT staff.

Our personnel are highly skilled and experienced, and can come up to speed with minimal effort. We also offer vendor-qualified engineers and developers – reducing your risk and providing a faster return on your investment.

Schoolmore believes that effective IT outsourcing is not just a service – it is a partnership based on transparency and trust. We work to understand our clients' needs and business objectives, and then provide the operational excellence needed to realize them. We apply rigorous methodologies around all our outsourcing services, ensuring effective governance, responsiveness and quality – while providing cost-competitive solutions that drive down costs.

Contact us today to discuss your IT staffing and outsourcing requirements.

Streamline Your Institute’s IT

If there’s any sort of issue that your institute’s IT infrastructure is currently facing, you should keep in mind there’s always assistance available from our end. Our IT specialists will rectify the problems from their roots and streamline your school’s information technology infrastructure to maximize efficacy.

Schoolmore prides itself as being a reliable source for the best IT consultation and other IT-related services and solutions. As such, for anything and everything regarding your school’s information technology, you should never hesitate to dial our number!

Give us a call now at +234(815) 843-2850 or via email: info@schoolmore.com


We Provide Constant Support and Assistance

We Provide Constant Support and Assistance

Given the increasing level of competition in the IT sector,we understand our customers are likely to ponder how Schoolmore stands out fromthe rest. Well, to begin with, Schoolmore is a trusted source of tried andtested solutions that have proven to boost efficiency and productivity for avast variety of schools and institutions.

Regardless of how much we do to train your staff regardingthe use of our solutions, it is a given that you are likely to face some sortof issues in which you would require our assistance. For this, we areconstantly available from start to finish of the installation process, as wellas afterwards. Should you require any support or assistance from ourprofessionals, we will be there to help you out as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope the above mentioned will help you furthermotivate your decision if you are interested in availing our services.

Safe and Secure IT Infrastructure

Safe and Secure IT Infrastructure

Our dedicated experts and IT specialists are always doing the best they can to give you the maximum security and safety of assets possible. For this, our professionals we make use of industry best practices so that your institute’s IT infrastructure can truly function as a fortress.

Offers Reliable Solutions

Offers Reliable Solutions

Schoolmore Offers Reliable Solutions for Your Institution

Gone are the days when institutions needed to rely onmanpower in order to function better, as now it is the era of computerizedsolutions and technology. In this vastly developing world, it goes withoutsaying that you need the assistance of reliable and proven solutions that canminimize human effort and maximize efficiency in order to run your institute’soperations in streamlined fashion. Schoolmore offers you such solutions.