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Partner Program

Wish to become Schoolmore’s partner? Here’s how you can do so!

The purpose of Schoolmore’s Partner Program is to develop a powerful and progressive business connection with renowned consultancy agencies and/or system integration and information technology companies that are all experienced and financially capable, having resources required for marketing, selling, supporting, and implementing our solutions.

The intent of our Partner Program is not to establish a large amount of resellers; rather, we aim to develop a small minority of quality business connections, all of whom are focused, knowledgeable, and on the same page with our mission and vision. It’s necessary that our business partners share the same philosophy as us.

The primary reason why we’ve established this program is that we are well aware of the fact that we cannot provide our solutions to the whole globe no matter how many resources we put to use. In order to truly generalize our offerings, we need the assistance of regional and local expertise that has experience with local market practices, especially in the Education sector.

The core philosophy behind our Partner Program is as follows:

“We are not selling software solution, we are offering Educational Management Services and Knowledge”

We know for a fact that the primary motivator of any successful institution, which provides education, is not the information technology; rather, it is the people and the knowledge they are capable of contributing.

If you feel that your business philosophy is in line with ours, and you also have the experience and expertise required, then we welcome you to join our Partner Program!

You can contact us by dialing +234(815) 843-2850 or sending us an email at info@schoolmore.com.