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About Us

SchoolMore provides consumers and businesses with online, on-demand educational and intelligenceservices for important everyday decisions. Our customers use SchoolMore tomake informed decision that improves life and protect people.

Our Company

Knowledge is king and education ispower. Power to interpret information, access your inner capabilities andexplore your potentials. But to be valuable, this knowledge must be deliveredby a thoughtful ally with accuracy, integrity, and your best interests atheart. SchoolMore is that ally. We are pioneers in the information commerceindustry, innovating technologies to collect, interpret, and deliverinformation online. SchoolMore offers products and services ranging from schoolweb portals and E-learning management tools to basic solutions to manage yourorganization IT process. We do much more than deliver reliable and accurateinformation—we augment, interpret, and present it intelligently, based on yourunique needs.

Our Vision

SchoolMore was founded in 2002 by aseasoned information systems specialist. We believe in the vision ofintelligently delivering information online to inform the decision-makingprocess. We provide consumers and businesses with predictive intelligence forthis purpose.

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